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The path of purposeful living is not for the faint of heart but it sure is fulfilling

Taking a selfie before getting on chairlift to visit Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge.
Taking a selfie before getting on chairlift to visit Whistler Peak Suspension Bridge.

About an year ago I took the chairlift you see behind us to the Whistler Peak Suspension bridge at 7200 feet located in Whistler, Canada. While getting ready to take the lift, I was talking to my son to ensure he was feeling ready for the ride. Pee pee, check :). Backpack, check. Sunscreen, check. Water, check.

I'll never forget this moment. Once we were on the chairlift and it was making its way through some heart stopping treacherous rocky terrain below, I kept reminding him to hold tight and breathe. To my surprise, he was relaxed and enjoying the view. It was I who was nervous.

After I said this a few times to him, he replied back, "Papa, why do you keep telling me to breathe?" I said, "because it helps us relax especially if we're feeling nervous. And, I need it more than you right now so just let me say it." Followed by a slight smirk and a deep breath.

He replied back, "Don't worry, I'm with you." That helped me relax just a bit more into the moment. He was just the coach I needed at that moment.

At this moment, it feels like there's some treacherous cliffs below. However, I've made the decision to be on this chairlift of helping others through coaching because it speaks to my heart and I find purpose in helping others travel their own seemingly treacherous but beautiful life path.

Our individual journeys have many emotional ups and downs. That is when we can lean on our daily practices to keep ourselves steady. I'm leaning in more than ever on my daily routine of exercise, meditation, eating healthy food and THOUGHTS to keep my spirits high. I've packed essential supplies for the journey and surrounded myself with others that have traveled the path before. For me, this is the path of growth. Learning to be comfortable in this next phase of uncomfortable.

If you (or someone you know) are on a similar path of growth, remind yourself to hold lightly. Breathe. Follow through. Surround yourself with the right people. And, enjoy the view along the journey. Godspeed!

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