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How do I create consistent daily momentum?

Just like a great house must be built on a great foundation in order to last, so a leader must build a great foundation to rise upon.

One of those foundations is your level of daily energy.

Have you witnessed a day when you had low physical energy? Without the right physical energy, we can hardly get anything done. Everything feels like a slog. Even simple tasks become a struggle.

Now, can you remember a day when you had overflowing energy? You had an abundance of energy for everything that was coming your way that day. You could do anything and everything!

Most of us have experienced both at some point in our lives but few of us have taken the time to create sustainable high energy on an ongoing basis.

Most people have a gap with creating and managing physical momentum in a consistent and sustainable way.

While the outcome we desire is improved physical energy and momentum, the shift required is actually one of mindset first.

All of us live life with a particular orientation whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s the one we always carry with us but never recognize until we become fully aware - it could be the orientation of being worried, self-doubt or overwhelm etc.

Take a moment to reflect:

  • Do I consistently wake up with an attitude of sluggishness or energy?

  • Do I consistently experience low energy states or high energy states?

  • Do I consistently walk through the day overwhelmed or prioritized?

To change results, most people try harder to do the same thing they’ve been doing. That doesn’t work. But in reality to change our results, we need to shift our mental orientation first which then changes our attitude and subsequent actions.

The aim here is to cultivate an attitude that consistently generates high sustainable energy. By doing so, we open up the possibilities for new habits to be introduced and old ones that no longer serve us to fall away.

One effective way to cultivate consistent energy is through a mindset of daily rituals and routines. By incorporating activities that energize and uplift us into our daily schedule, we set ourselves up for success from the moment we wake up.

This includes:

  • Getting good rest

  • Physical exercise at least 3x a week

  • Meditating or reflecting to become more self-aware

  • Changing how we eat for optimal energy

  • Consciously managing our emotions

  • Conscious use of high energy language

We must witness and shift our mental orientation towards creating a great start everyday so that new possibilities can open up for us.

That in turn opens up the possibilities for new habits to be introduced and the old ones that are no longer serving us to fall off.

How do you create daily momentum for yourself today? What’s working for you and what’s not? What shift do you desire? P.S. -

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