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How to restore peak energy if you're feeling fatigue or lethargy

Hot water with lemon

It was difficult to get up early a few days this week. Fatigue and lethargy were taking over. I generally never skip my meditations but even that happened one day. This isn’t usually me but it’s been happening…

  • Even though I’ve been generally eating healthy

  • Even though I’ve been exercising daily

  • Even though I’m pretty good at managing negative thoughts and emotions

So what to do now? “Fatigue” is a sure fire sign that your body needs a cleanse!

I’ve been on the cleanse below the last two days and my energy is back up and sleep has gone down again.

Sprang out of bed this morning like a whole new person!

This could be a 1-3 day process based on your body type but here’s what to do generally -

  1. Drinks lots of warm water (this helps your body regain metabolism and dissolve any built up toxins - you can add ginger and lemon to amplify this effect)

  2. Don’t eat until truly hungry

  3. When you do eat, keep it light (leaving stomach and body feeling light and relaxed)

  4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables or better yet, go on a liquid diet (light soups, stews)

  5. Avoid / reduce all heavy or processed food (most dairy, cheese, fried food, meats etc)

Often unconsciously we overwhelm our bodies with unnecessary and toxic foods and then wonder why we don’t have enough energy. Our bodies are health bound but we weigh them down.

Going on a cleanse is a great way to restore your energy and restore the right relationship with food as you become ultra conscious about what you’re putting into your body.

Try it for yourself and discover the magic!

P.s. I’d love to hear your comments or questions.



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