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What Impact Do Beliefs Have On Our Life?

A person standing at the crossroads of their beliefs
A person standing at the crossroads of their beliefs

The beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and various areas of life such as health, relationships and money can either open up or block all sorts of life possibilities.

Beliefs are not just about positive thinking. Held long enough, they become our source code i.e. our default operating system upon which everything else executes.

The beliefs that we hold about health, relationships, intimacy, work, money, success, failure literally determine our experience and outcomes in life.

You’ve probably heard the popular christian quote - “According to your belief, it is done unto you.”

If you believe something is hard, it remains hard. If you believe that you can find fun and easy ways to solve hard problems, you will.

If you believe that you can do something, you will. If you believe you can’t, it will never be a possibility.

If you believe that relationships are difficult, they will continue to be difficult.

If you believe that money is evil or that you are not worthy, prosperity will evade you.

Do you feel the weight of these statements?

If you want to change your experience of something in life, you must first change the underlying belief that’s creating the undesirable experience for you in the first place.

Only then, new possibilities have a chance to show up and flourish.

Such is the power of our beliefs. They are deeply ingrained within ourselves, buried so deep that it’s very difficult to identify them, let alone have the ability to re-orient ourselves so we can create new possibilities in our life.

BUT I’m also here to share that your beliefs can SHIFT.

Once examined and the false structures dismantled, new empowering beliefs can enable you to shift life towards more health, joy and abundance in every area of life.

It’s as if we start looking at the World and life around us through a new set of eyes. Our whole perspective shifts, which shifts our behavior and that ultimately shifts our results.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

  • What beliefs do I hold to be true?

  • Which of these beliefs is helping me create the life I desire?

  • Which beliefs are limiting my experience of life or holding me back?

I'd love to hear what came up for you!

P.s. I’m glad you’ve joined me on this journey so we can become the best version of ourselves in this life!

If this is something you struggle with, I’d love to help you reach new heights in your personal journey so you can truly create and live the life you desire on a daily basis.

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