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Who you ARE is more important than what you DO

Who you ARE is more important than what you DO.

Who you ARE is more important than what you DO.

Last week at the California conference for women amongst 5K women I met a humbling soul. I'll call her Leslie. Some time ago Leslie had booked her ticket for the conference. The day before the conference she had gotten laid off from her job.

The morning of the conference Leslie wrestled with the thoughts of feeling worthless and that her life was in vain, visiting dark places within her. Wrestling with these thoughts all morning, somehow she still made it to the conference.

What are the chances that day after getting laid off she had the perfect antidote for her pain in the form of this conference?

She was the only income earner in her family with her husband on medical leave and young kids to take care of. Her H1B visa would expire in 60 days if she couldn’t find another job. Hopelessness, overwhelm and anxiety were rushing through her veins.

With the sheer weight of the situation, Leslie decided to stand in line to speak with a coach. To share her ordeal with a stranger she’d never met.

As she sat across from me amongst the 20 other tables bustling with conversations, she began to share her situation, trying her best to control tears on the verge. As I reflected on our conversation, both of our eyes teared up.

Eventually she walked away with hope in her heart, a new empowering perspective about her situation, a gentle smile on her face and both grateful that we met.

Here's the core of our conversation -

Who you ARE is more important than what you DO. What you DO is only part of who you ARE, not the whole of it.

Our addiction and attachment with what we DO leads us to question our worth when things don’t go our way. It’s an unconscious choice many of us make.

We are a human BEING, not just a human DOING. If we become conscious of that, we don’t have to let the temporary loss of ‘doing’ affect our ‘being’. We can grieve for what’s been lost without questioning our own self-worth.

Eventually, we can ask - What’s the gift or opportunity that this situation presents? What can I do now that I couldn’t before?

For those going through a tough time right now, remember to double down on your own self-care. Eat healthy, exercise, rest and BREATHE!

Know that every situation or event can become an opportunity and that same possibility is true for you!

P.s. I’m glad you’ve joined me on this journey so we can become the best version of ourselves in this life!

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